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Alfa Laval has a long history of supplying process equipment to both small local producers and global breweries. We help you realise your visions with solutions that bring out the best in your beer and brewery. We listen to your needs and support you with all our experience and process know-how to maximise product quality, reduce your environmental impact and optimise production.

5 reasons to get a centrifuge

Centrifuges, or high speed separators, have been the privilege of larger industrial breweries for many decades, whilst most microbreweries relied on natural settling time and various affordable filters. But things are changing now as more craft brewers are investing in separation technology. 

“The separator is the best tool ever made for increasing yield. With the same number of tanks you can increase your production capacity between 15-20%,” explains Fernando Jimenez, global sales manager for brewery market at Alfa Laval

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Alfa Laval was co-founded by Swedish scientist, engineer, and inventor Gustaf de Laval in 1883. De Laval was a technical genius who invented the first centrifugal separator and the impulse steam engine. From these crafty beginnings 130 years ago, Alfa Laval has evolved into the global market leader in a number of key technologies including heat transfer, fluid handling and separation. We have been operating in Australia for more than 90 years and offer unrivalled support and service with a large team of experienced service engineers on the ground.

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