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Alfa Laval has been established in Australia since 1926, starting with its first sales office in Sydney. In the following decades, Alfa Laval has proudly established an organisation that is both close to you, and has a strong grasp of the local market to support you in achieving your business goals. Our sales and service presence in Australia today covers Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. 

Alfa Laval's Oceania headquarters and major Australian Service Centre are located in Huntingwood, NSW.


 24/7 Hotline: 1 800 023 182


Alfa Laval Sydney

Alfa Laval Sydney

14 Healey Circuit

NSW 2148 Huntingwood

Phone: 02 8822 2700

Alfa Laval Perth

Alfa Laval Perth

7 Thorpe Way

WA 6167 Kwinana Beach


Phone: 08 9455 0300

Alfa Laval Melbourne

Alfa Laval Melbourne

3/33 Macaulay Street

VIC 3016 Williamstown

Phone: 1 800 023 182

Alfa Laval Brisbane

Alfa Laval Brisbane

4/112 Fison Avenue

QLD 4009 Eagle Farm

Phone: 07 3862 2888

Key industries

Australia is an advanced economy with world-leading innovations and industry sectors. Rich in natural resources, Australia is a major food dairy and beverage producer and exporter of agricultural products, particularly wheat and wool, minerals such as iron ore and gold, and energy in the forms of liquified natural gas and coal. The country’s growing population means increased pressure on urban infrastructure and waste water management, as well as a growing need for energy-efficient cooling solutions in line with strict government standards for construction. These are all areas where Alfa Laval has long experience, proven products and innovative solutions to support your industry. 

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Alfa Laval contributes to the Global Goals

The United Nations has adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, known as Global Goals, that world leaders have pledged to achieve. Now it is up to businesses like ours to take us there.

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Alfa Laval helps grow tomatoes in the desert


To grow tomatoes, you need ample sunshine but also reliable rainfall, so the idea of growing tomatoes in the desolate, dry and barren land 16 kilometres southeast of Port Augusta, South Australia seems delusional. Sundrop Farms, a developer, owner and operator of high tech greenhouse facilities, has proved this sentiment wrong.

In 2016, Sundrop Farms completed work on a massive greenhouse complex with a technological solution and commercial scale that has never been attempted before. A state-of-the-art integrated solar energy system, provided by Aalborg CSP, heats the greenhouses, produces electricity and generates energy to run a desalination unit from Alfa Laval, which produces freshwater to irrigate the crops.

The desalination unit from Alfa Laval is the largest solar-powered unit of its kind ever made. The unit works by using steam generated by solar energy to evaporate seawater into pure water vapour.

This project has an incredible potential to solve one of the biggest issues we face: providing food to a growing global population while arable land decreases.


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