2022-06-29 Product news

Alfa Laval partners with rendering industry for sustainable growth

Demand for inedible animal by-products is growing, including tallow and meat meals. Meet Alfa Laval at the Australian Renderers’ Association 16th Symposium (stand 14) to connect with Australia and New Zealand’s leading separation equipment and service partner to the local meat processing and rendering industry.

Discover how to maximise uptime, profitability and sustainability by maintaining and upgrading your decanter centrifuges for wet and dry rendering applications.

Alfa Laval’s extensive long-term experience and knowledge of rendering processes make us a reliable supplier of choice for decanters and centrifuges / high speed separators as well as complete wet rendering lines and evaporation systems. These processing lines and all their components can be adapted for either edible or inedible use, with full CIP capabilities.

Trusted service partner for Oceania renderers

Alfa Laval has been operating in Australia and New Zealand for more than 95 years with an unrivalled service presence covering all geographies, with no location too remote. Ensure your equipment is performing at its peak to maximise profitability and sustainability. Learn more about our decanter services and discover the benefits of a service agreement to protect your business from unplanned downtime.


Advancing sustainability with technology-led innovation

Rendering is a forerunner of the zero-waste movement with a strong commitment to sustainability. By continuously investing in R&D and new patents, Alfa Laval's innovative equipment helps reduce energy consumption and recovers more valuable resources from a smaller footprint.


Meet the Team


Doug Wood_Alfa Laval.pngDouglas Wood, Australia Sales Manager, Protein & Waste Water

Doug’s experience encompasses more than 24 years working within process industries specialising in protein and wastewater. He started his career hands-on, doing repair and maintenance of separation equipment for more than a decade as a service engineer.

He moved to sales in 2010 for both service and supplying new equipment for Alfa Laval, and has recently taken on a regional role for decanter technologies helping customers in the protein and wastewater industries optimise process and business outcomes.


Janette Engwerda_Alfa Laval.pngJanette Engwerda, Australia Service Sales Manager, Protein

As Service Sales Manager for the rendering industry, Janette strives to help Alfa Laval customers in Australia achieve separation efficiency and longevity of their separation equipment.

She has been with Alfa Laval for almost 15 years, first coordinating service and technical support before moving into Sales. Initially focusing on Queensland customers, Janette most recently took on a national service sales role working with Australia's rendering industry.  


Chris Elliott_Alfa Laval.pngChris Elliott, Sales Engineer, New Zealand Separation Technology Sales & Service

As an After-Sales Service Engineer for Alfa Laval New Zealand, Chris Elliott helps rendering customers maximise the lifetime value of their decanters by providing strategic advice and after sales support for equipment maintenance and upgrades.

Chris has 27 years’ experience in Alfa Laval firstly as a service engineer before transitioning to the Service Sales Engineer role 10 years ago and has a broad knowledge of Alfa Laval’s product portfolio mainly focusing on customer service for Wastewater, Protein and Marine and Diesel separation technologies.


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