Alfa Laval is a trusted and proven equipment manufacturer and service partner to the Australian rendering industry. Rendering is a local growth industry that pursues zero waste by turning animal by-products into fractionated food, feed and technical grade products. These added-value products can include oils, tallows, greaves and meals suitable both for animal feed and human consumption, or as ingredients for use in downstream edible and inedible processes including biofuels.

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Your reliable technology partner for sustainable growth

  • Reliable equipment for maximum yield and uptime
  • Save energy and cost with lower power consumption & smaller footprint
  • Unrivalled service presence across Australia
  • Tap new value streams and commercial opportunities
  • Improve environmental and sustainability performance

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Achieving higher yield and profitability

Inedible animal by-products have significant commercial value, especially in the context of rising commodity prices for tallow, sustainable fuels / biodiesel and pet food production.

Alfa Laval’s extensive long-term experience and knowledge of rendering processes make us a strong supplier of components such as decanters and centrifuges / high speed separators as well as complete wet rendering lines and evaporation systems. These processing lines and all their components can be adapted for either edible or inedible use, with full CIP capabilities.

The extensive use of “washing” technology using high performance Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges paves the way for the production of fish, meat and bone meal with an exceptionally low fat content. In addition, the washing process increases the protein content in the meal as well as recovering valuable oil.

Trusted service partner for Australian renderers

Alfa Laval has been operating in Australia for more than 95 years with an unrivalled service presence covering all States and Territories. Ensure your equipment is performing at its peak to maximise profitability and sustainability. Learn more about our decanter services and separator services and discover the benefits of a service agreement to protect your business from unplanned downtime.

Advancing sustainability with innovation & technology

Rendering is a forerunner of the zero waste movement with a strong commitment to sustainability. By continuously investing in R&D and new patents, Alfa Laval's innovative equipment helps reduce energy consumption and recovers more valuable resources from a smaller footprint.


Highlighted product lines

Decanters for rendering, meat and fish processing


NX Decanter

Separators for rendering




Dry Rendering Optimizer

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Have you considered a service agreement?

Entering into a service agreement with Alfa Laval means you will have full control of your future maintenance costs, making budgeting easier and more accurate. We take care of all the planning and inform you well in advance of the next service. Should you require our support for unplanned events, our global network of field service engineers and service centres are standing by to assist you at very short notice.

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