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Our commitment to Sustainability

At Alfa Laval, we are continually working to DRIVE PROGRESS. We do our best to anticipate the optimal path forward for our customers, our employees, and the environment. Together, we OPTIMIZE PROCESSES and build seamless solutions that help our customers overcome their toughest challenges. We work tirelessly to MAKE THEIR SUCCESS OUR MISSION. Working together, we can create responsible, sustainable growth that benefits both PEOPLE AND THE PLANET. Making the world better, every day.

As a global company and here in Australia, we are not only committed to enabling customers to reduce carbon footprint, conserve water and re-use valuable resources, but want to take the journey to sustainability together.

Please read on for inspiring stories how we contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals with our customers and in our own operations.

Sustainability Report 2021


This year we have integrated the Sustainability Report in our Annual Report. For previous reports please see below.

Annual Report 2021

Biodiversity report


With our customers

Alfa Laval helps grow tomatoes in the desert


To grow tomatoes, you need ample sunshine but also reliable rainfall, so the idea of growing tomatoes in the desolate, dry and barren land 16 kilometres southeast of Port Augusta, South Australia seems delusional. Sundrop Farms, a developer, owner and operator of high tech greenhouse facilities, has proved this sentiment wrong.

In 2016, Sundrop Farms completed work on a massive greenhouse complex with a technological solution and commercial scale that has never been attempted before. A state-of-the-art integrated solar energy system, provided by Aalborg CSP, heats the greenhouses, produces electricity and generates energy to run a desalination unit from Alfa Laval, which produces freshwater to irrigate the crops.

The desalination unit from Alfa Laval is the largest solar-powered unit of its kind ever made. The unit works by using steam generated by solar energy to evaporate seawater into pure water vapour.

This project has an incredible potential to solve one of the biggest issues we face: providing food to a growing global population while arable land decreases.



At home

Going carbon neutral

Our commitment to sustainability is a central element of our culture and value proposition.

Alfa Laval Australia has reached an important milestone on the journey towards carbon neutrality by installing solar panels across all its sites in Australia. This means the electricity it consumes is sourced from renewable energy, making it carbon neutral for Scope 2 emissions across the region.

Most recently the Brisbane branch installed rooftop solar panels. The 20kW installation will deliver approximately 70kwh per day and meet the majority of the site’s energy needs.

This complements last year’s investment at the Huntingwood office in New South Wales where the installation of 99.99 kW solar panels covering the rooftop of the Service Centre provides an estimated kWh 124,000. The Alfa Laval Perth office and workshop have been running on solar power since 2019.


The solar installation is one of the largest installations available to business customers, covering the entire rooftop of Alfa Laval's Sydney Service Centre.