AIRAH Refrigeration 2021 Conference

Alfa Laval is proud to exhibit at Refrigeration 2021 Conference to showcase solutions that help customers achieve energy efficiencies, emission reductions and the ability to utilise new refrigerants. Learn how to tackle the challenge of new refrigerants such as CO2 and ammonia in cascade systems. Join the presentation of the new technical paper by leading industry expert, Christian Kempe, and meet Alfa Laval Australia refrigeration specialists at the conference in Melbourne.


Presentation of technical paper via Zoom

Reliable and high efficiency R744/R717 cascade heat exchanger

The refrigeration industry has seen a growing interest in using carbon dioxide (CO2) as secondary media combined with ammonia in cascade applications. Carbon dioxide requires lower pumping cost and smaller pipes then glycol and brines.

However the higher pressure levels of CO2 creates a challenge for the CO2/ Ammonia cascade heat exchanger, mainly related to pressure and thermal fatigue.

Alfa Laval has invested significant time and effort in the R&D of semi-welded plate heat exchanger technology for cascade duties. This presentation focuses on the benefits of this groundbreaking new solution with the potential to revolutionise future system design.

Meet the presenter

Christian Kempe

Christian Kempe is an expert in multi technology HVAC&R specialising in semi-welded and brazed plate heat exchangers for industrial and commercial refrigeration. He joined Alfa Laval in 2013 as Product & Application expert in Alfa Laval within the Market Unit refrigeration, helping businesses take advantage of the shift to natural refrigerants.

His professional experience spans the implementation of major HVAC&R contracts as well as a research and development engineer for brazed plate heat exchanger manufacturer, driving technology development for refrigeration, HVAC and machinery & manufacturing. Christian holds a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from Lund University (LTH), Sweden. 

The AIRAH Refrigeration 2021 Conference is returning to Melbourne from May 17-18.  Tackling both broad topics and granular details related to the refrigeration industry, the two-day event will feature sessions reviewing the latest developments in legislation and technology, as well as a multitude of specific case studies. The trade floor will display the latest refrigeration technology offerings. 

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Semi Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Businesses with high-pressure heating or cooling demands have long been forced to rely on low-efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchangers or fully welded technologies that can crack after repeated stress cycles. But all that is about to change. Thanks to groundbreaking innovations, Alfa Laval has developed a new generation of semi-welded heat exchangers that provide reliably high thermal performance even in the most demanding applications.

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With a robust and reliable construction, Alfa Laval’s comprehensive range of brazed plate technology offers a smart alternative to traditional heat exchangers. The application experience of Alfa Laval’s heating and cooling experts, combined with our continuous innovation in design and manufacturing techniques, ensures you always have access to the most competitive solution available.

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Are you ready for new refrigerants?

Navigate a rapidly increasing market for natural refrigerants such as ammonia, CO2 and hydrocarbons.