Metal working

Alfa Laval supplies a broad range of heating, cooling and fluid cleaning solutions for the metalworking industry. Whatever the metal working process, whatever the service fluid, accurate temperature control and efficient cleaning are essential in order to ensure end-product quality.

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Cooling/Heating and cleaning solutions

With extensive know-how in the metalworking field and core technologies such as high-speed centrifugal separation and heat transfer, we have developed cutting-edge solutions that enable you to clean, heat or cool your service fluids efficiently, cutting your operating costs and increasing your profit margin.

Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio


To keep your equipment in top working condition, Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive portfolio of services.

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Product highlight: Alfie 500

The Alfa Laval Alfie coolant cleaners are a proven way to use your coolant at least 3-5 times longer. This dramatically reduces the volume of waste coolant to be sent to disposal and waste management facilities. A centrifugal separator removes tramp oil and other contaminants such as fine metal shavings. Protect your expensive cutting tools in CNC machines and remove odour in your workshop with the Alfie

Alfa Laval Alfie centrifugal separator

Sharpe Engineering discovers a smarter way to clean coolants

Sharpe Engineering is an Australian, family owned company based in Queensland that provides quality driven engineering and manufacturing solutions since 1995. Coolant disposal cost were rising substantially due to business expansion. The company investigated the Alfie 500 and found that it’s a superior and extremely cost-effective way to prolong the use of its coolants.

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