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How to scale up production with a brewery centrifuge

Craft brewers in Australia and New Zealand need to look at the challenges that come with producing at larger scale. Consistency and quality, which means consistency in recipe, being able to deal with product losses and being able to produce multiple recipes at a time. That’s why typically the first piece of equipment that brewers are looking for as they are scaling production is a beer centrifuge, or separator.


Alfa Laval’s global craft brewery process and centrifuge technology expert, Joakim Gustafsson, would like to share with you some tips and know-how for centrifuges in beer production.

In this exclusive webinar for Australia and New Zealand, you will learn:

  • The working principles of beer centrifuges and its different functionalities (e.g. clarification and polishing)
  • How much beer can brewers recover with a centrifuge
  • How to produce beers with a longer shelf life
  • How to choose the best centrifuge for your brewery
  • Real world customer stories from your peers using Alfa Laval Brew centrifuges

About the speaker:

About Joakim Gustafsson

Global Business Manager, Brewery & Beverages, Alfa Laval

Joakim Gustafsson_profile_180x170.jpgAs Global Business Manager for Breweries, Joakim focuses on centrifuge applications within the fast-growing craft brewery industry. A chemical engineer by trade and with a craft brewers diploma, he re-joined Alfa Laval in 2018 after working with beer development in the brewing industry for 4 years and was involved in the development of Alfa Laval’s newest and smallest brewery centrifuge, the Brew 20.  In his previous work with Alfa Laval he has also held roles as a materials and chemistry engineer as well as a project manager for building new centrifuge systems. Besides working with beer he has also been a home brewer with over 10 years of brewing experience. Joakim is currently based in the Sweden and travelled to Australia and New Zealand in 2019 to meet local craft breweries to discuss their centrifuge requirements and installations.

More about Alfa Laval Brew Series beer centrifuges



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