Optimize for greater energy savings

Optimize for greater energy savingsIncrease energy efficiency by optimizing the design of your plate heat exchangers. By expanding your plate heat exchangers to increase preheating of the media and thereby raise the outlet  temperature by a few degrees, you can realize big cost savings.

Take, for instance, a large heat exchanger installation where plates were added to raise the preheating temperature by 5°C. The cost of this plate pack extension was EUR 140,000. However, the annual savings in operating costs exceeds the initial investment in the plate pack by approximately 10 times and amounts to EUR 1.5 million. This means that the extra plates pay for themselves within two months, and subsequent savings can be added directly to the bottom line.

Similar energy savings can be realized by extending a heat exchanger used as a steam heater. This enables the use of steam at a lower temperature  to replace costly high temperature steam as the heating media, providing energy savings.

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Calculated payback time

 Cost of plate pack extension         EUR 140,000 
 Annual savings   EUR 1.5 million 
 Payback time*   Less than two months    

*  Based on 6000 operating hours per year, a recovery increase of 5000 kW and energy costs of EUR 0.05 per kWh.