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Updates regarding COVID-19

On this page you will find the latest Alfa Laval news and updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For specific questions related to information requests, order status, services and deliveries etc, please turn to your local contact person or local office.

Guiding principles

Alfa Laval’s priorities are the health and safety of our employees, as well as maintaining the continuity of our business. Alfa Laval’s equipment and solutions often play an integral role in our customers’ processes, where they often are part of critical infrastructure in areas such as food and pharmaceutical production, sanitation, HVAC,  electricity generation, etc. In these challenging times, we in Alfa Laval are committed to supporting our customers in achieving uninterrupted, efficient production and services.

Brief summary of measures

Alfa Laval has taken several measures to handle the extraordinary situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to minimize the spread of the virus.

  • Alfa Laval’s global crisis team works in close corporation with local country crisis teams to ensure continuous and close monitoring and swift response to changes in the situation.
  • All offices and production sites are open, unless restricted by local authorities
  • Cleaning protocol has been increased at all sites worldwide.
  • All employees have been provided guidance on hygiene practices, social distance, and steps to take in case they don’t feel well.
  • Manufacturing workers follow clear instructions and safe routines to minimize the spread of the virus and maintain a secure work environment.
  • Service technicians have been issued protective gear and are trained on Coronavirus preventive measures.
  • Business continuity plans ensure that alternate supply chains are in-place as a backup for all major suppliers.
  • Office employees are encouraged to work from home; business functionality is in-place for remote working arrangements.
  • Meetings and trainings are transitioned to virtual methods.
  • All non-critical business travel has been cancelled.


We are here to help you

Let us know how we can support you in handling this challenging situation. Get in contact with us, we are open! For specific information requests or questions regarding orders, deliveries or service execution, please contact your local office or contact person at Alfa Laval Australia.


Media contacts

Peter Torstensson
Vice President Corporate Communications
+ 46 46 36 72 31

Eva Schiller
PR Manager
+46 46 36 71 01

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Tom Erixon, President and CEO, Alfa Laval Group:

“We’ve seen a new acceptance for doing business in a new way” – watch the full update below.


Alfa Laval Australia

Alfa Laval Australia is committed to supporting our customers through these tough times. We understand the importance of essential services to keep plants running.

Since health and safety is top priority for everyone, we are closely monitoring the situation and strong measures have been taken to handle and minimise the spread of the virus among our staff.

Where restrictions exist and where possibilities allow it, we handle a greater share of our work online.

But while we exercise caution throughout our business, our field support to customers from four locations across Australia is uninterrupted and our Service Centres in Sydney and Perth remain open in accordance with law (existing and new), decisions, regulations and recommendations etc. from State and Federal Government.


Keep essential services running

Alfa Laval Australia is committed to supporting our customers through these tough times. We understand the importance of essential services to keep plants running and will continue to support all services in all regions.

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