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Join the Alfa Laval webinar series discussing challenges and solutions for the mining and minerals processing industry. Our industry experts are sharing insights and best practice advice gained across many local and international sites. Equip yourself with the knowledge to design, maintain and manage production processes with high efficiency and minimal operational and environmental risk.

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Best practice for tailings dewatering in mining applications

Many Tailings Storage Facilities are reaching capacity and new licences are challenging to obtain. This has compelled mining companies to look for alternative solutions in recent years, solutions in which the dewatering of tailings can be achieved with a favourable operating economy. Sign up for our upcoming webinar to hear from our experts about the latest developments, including dewatering of ultra-fines and slimy tailings.

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Safe and Sustainable Tailings Management using Solid Bowl Centrifuge

Alfa Laval Mining & Minerals Industry Manager, Amol Chinchankar, discusses several alternative technologies for treatment and dewatering of tailings, and evaluate their productivity, risk management and environmental impact.

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