2020-09-01 Product news

New Alfa Laval eBook reveals true energy and water savings from Cleaning in Place optimisation

Whether you’re producing milk, cheese, yogurt, beer, carbonated soft drinks or food products, staying on top of innovation in Cleaning in Place is more important than ever. On average, 20% of a plant’s energy use is needed for CIP, and savings have a direct impact on your plant’s profitability and sustainability performance.

To guide customers through the often-complex planning and evaluation process, Alfa Laval has launched a new eBook titled Meet your sustainability and cost savings targets with Cleaning in Place optimization in Australia.

The interactive document lets the reader explore cost savings, technology innovations and real-world customers examples for essential CIP equipment such as valves, pumps, tank cleaning machines and agitators.

Most companies are looking for reductions in energy and water use by more than 25% over the next three years. The caveat is that most solutions require investments with paybacks longer than three years or have no payback at all. By contrast, Cleaning in Place optimization offers tangible improvements and almost instantaneous payback.

The idea of sustainable CIP optimisation is to improve productivity and environmental performance without compromising hygiene.

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