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Alfa Laval Graduate Engineer Engineer Program in Australia

If you love innovation, technology and being exposed to new environments, why not consider our newly created Graduate Engineer Program as the ideal step for you. Alfa Laval Australia has sales and service presence with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. We are excited to launch our new Graduate Engineer Program which is designed to professionally develop brilliant minds and nurture future leaders in the field of engineering by giving young graduates exposure to the diverse elements of working in the innovative and technological world of Alfa Laval. The program allows graduates to gain practical experience in either a sales function or a technical function. You will gain exposure to a global network through cross functional working relationships. This will help you to develop a global mindset for an exciting and challenging career.


Who is Alfa Laval?

At Alfa Laval we constantly challenge ourselves to come up with solutions to improve everyday conditions for people. That’s what we do and have been doing for over 100 years, with more than 3,500 patents. 

Today we are a leading global provider of specialised products and engineering solutions based on the key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

The path you choose today, will have a big impact on the future. As a graduate and member of the worldwide Alfa Laval team, you’ll have more than 17,000 colleagues around the world. With Swedish origins, Alfa Laval has been incorporated in Australia for more than 90 years. This is reflected our corporate culture where our mentality is: 

  • We are open, informal and friendly 
  • We are straightforward and tell it like it is 
  • We believe in diversity and equal career opportunities 
  • We are curious and want to understand our customers' situations 
  • We keep things simple and focus on cost-efficient solutions 


Applications for the program are now closed.

Alfa Laval contributes to the Global Goals

The United Nations has adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, known as Global Goals, that world leaders have pledged to achieve. Now it is up to businesses like ours to take us there.

Explore how Alfa Laval's core business contributes to the Global Goals



How Alfa Laval contributes to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals in Australia


To grow tomatoes, you need ample sunshine but also reliable rainfall, so the idea of growing tomatoes in the desolate, dry and barren land 16 kilometres southeast of Port Augusta, South Australia seems delusional. Sundrop Farms, a developer, owner and operator of high tech greenhouse facilities, has proved this sentiment wrong.

In 2016, Sundrop Farms completed work on a massive greenhouse complex with a technological solution and commercial scale that has never been attempted before. A state-of-the-art integrated solar energy system, provided by Aalborg CSP, heats the greenhouses, produces electricity and generates energy to run a desalination unit from Alfa Laval, which produces freshwater to irrigate the crops.

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The farm receives 300 days of sunshine per year, and saltwater is obtained from the nearby Spencer Gulf. Sundrop Farms' expansion project, completed in October 2016, uniquely combines technology from some of the top suppliers in their respective fields. And it could be a solution to several pressing global issues.

The Sundrop Farms' integrated solar plant is based on concentrated solar power (CSP) tower technology. Svante Bundgaard, CEO of Aalborg CSP, explains; "Radiant energy from the sun hits a number of mirrors. These mirrors then reflect the radiant energy to a receiver in the tower. The receiver is basically an advanced boiler system that absorbs the radiant energy and converts it to thermal energy. The thermal energy is used to drive the steam turbine, heat the greenhouses and run the desalination unit."

The desalination unit from Alfa Laval is the largest solar-powered unit of its kind ever made. The unit works by using steam generated by solar energy to evaporate seawater into pure water vapour.

This project has an incredible potential to solve one of the biggest issues we face: providing food to a growing global population while arable land decreases," says Bundgaard. "Sundrop Farms has built a profitable business case that can be used to sustainably produce food in similar climates around the world."

The expanded Sundrop Farms will focus on producing truss tomatoes, and aims to grow 15,000 metric tonnes per year. The Australian supermarket chain Coles has a ten-year contract with Sundrop Farms to buy the tomatoes.


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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set the vision humanity needs to work towards, now it's up to businesses like ours to take us there. Read how we and our customers make a difference.

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