Equipment Upgrades for Inert Gas Systems

Your Alfa Laval Smit Combustion (FU) inert gas generator provides effective cargo safety, but its fuel efficiency is possible to improve. Upgrading it with the Alfa Laval Automatic Fuel Efficiency Module (AFEM) can reduce its operating costs by up to 40 %.

With the AFEM installed, your inert gas generator will produce the exact amount of inert gas needed during offloading, rather than the usual fixed amounts set by your crew. Compared to manual control, the AFEM reduces fuel consumption by as much as 40 %. This cuts fuel costs as well as emissions, creating a very rapid payback time. 

To ensure optimal performance, the AFEM is always installed and commissioned by an Alfa Laval service engineer.

When running an inert gas generator at fixed capacity, one of our customers consumed 148 tonnes of fuel over a period of 18 months. After upgrading with the AFEM, calculations for this customer showed that automatic adjustment of fuel and combustion air would save a projected 68 tonnes – nearly 46 %.

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  • Up to 40 % reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduced vessel emissions
  • Less maintenance and no periodic adjustments
  • Simple, automatic operation

Scope of supply

The AFEM upgrade is available for the following Alfa Laval Smit inert gas generators:

  • Alfa Laval Smit Combustion (FU) ≥2000 m3/h with manual capacity and oxygen control system
  • Alfa Laval Smit Combustion (FU) ≥2000 m3/h with previous generation automatic capacity control

The upgrade comprises the following components, installed as a module:

  • PLC-based control panel
  • Fuel oil pump motor and control panel
  • Burner lance actuator
  • Alfa Laval oxygen analyzer
  • Burner oil supply line modification kit

A modified set of drawings is provided upon completion of the upgrade.

Scope of service

An Alfa Laval service engineer installs the upgrade kit and commissions the AFEM during your vessel’s normal operation or dry docking. The process takes around three days and includes the following:

  • Standard upgrade kit with everything needed for complete installation
  • Installation of panels and components
  • Modification of the existing inert gas generator
  • Full commissioning, testing and fine-tuning
  • Crew instruction

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