Electric FD fan actuator for Aalborg boilers

Enhanced forced-draught fan control for improved burner reliability - the electric FD (forced-draught) fan actuator upgrade kit contains everything needed to replace the original pneumatically operated fan actuator of your Alfa Laval Aalborg burner with an electrically operated actuator. This results in a highly accurate and maintenance-free damper positioning system.

Electric fan actuator 682w

The fan actuator controls the dampers that match the FD fan airflow to combustion needs. Using an electric actuator ensures a steady and reliable airflow to the burner, without fluctuations that can lead to smoke, low efficiency and unintended flame failures. 

Unlike a pneumatic actuator, an electric is not affected by moisture contamination in the control air. Moreover, it has a feedback system based on internal positioning, rather than a mechanical feedback system. 

Accuracy is further improved by the actuator's modulating speed, which minimizes airflow fluctuations during small adjustments. 

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  • Increased reliability - no faults resulting from moisture-contaminated control air
  • Natural draught (ventilation) due to fail-safe position in the event of blackout
  • Cost savings through uptime and spare parts reduction
  • Easy installation without calibration
  • Limited maintenance

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Scope of supply

The electric FD fan actuator upgrade involves the installation of a small control cabinet close to the FD fan and a power cable connecting it to the boiler's local control cabinet. The upgrade kit contains the following:

  • Electric actuator with cables
  • Installation brackets
  • Control cabinet
  • Operation manual and spare parts list

The upgrade is applicable to all Aalborg KBSA and KBSD burners delivered up to 2015. As of late 2015, electric actuators for the FD fans are part of the common platform for new deliveries of these burners.  

Scope of service

  • Ready-to-install
    The electrical FD fan actuator upgrade is provided as a standard kit with everything needed for complete installation.
  • Installation assistance
    While the upgrade is relative easy to perform with basic electrical training, the assistance of an Alfa Laval service engineer during the installation is recommended whenever possible.

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