C Series

The Alfa Laval C Series is specially developed to give dairies an ideal solution for cold milk skimming. Milk is more viscous at lower temperatures, which puts higher demands on separation performance. With Alfa Laval’s unique, bottom-fed Hermetic Design, superior skimming efficiency is achieved without compromising the cream quality. The C series of separators therefore set the industry standard for cold milk skimming.

Dairy PX 18 A, H, C, W, WD and BM Series

True hermetic technology for cold milk skimming

  • Only Alfa Laval’s Hermetic Design can deliver a premium result with high cream concentrations at low temperatures
  • The bottom-fed design reduces shear forces for gentle product treatment that preserves the size of the fat globules
  • Hermetic seals on inlet and outlet prevent oxidation and reduce the foaming of the milk
  • Easy adaptation to process conditions provides increased production flexibility and efficient CIP
  • Energy savings of up to 60% thanks to the Hermetic Design

A superior range of cold milk skimming separators

The Alfa Laval C series of separators is carefully designed to secure long run times without heating up your milk. Due to the viscosity and characteristics of cream at lower temperatures, hermetic separation is the only feasible solution in cold milk skimming. Only Alfa Laval’s unique bottom-fed concept provides true hermetic separation performance with increased flexibility to adjust to varying process conditions. Additionally, Alfa Laval’s innovative eMotion™ technology prevents excessive heating of the product, while minimizing the separator’s environmental footprint. High-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel is used for our C Series separators to meet the highest hygienic standards with low total cost of ownership over a long equipment lifecycle.

Where to use Alfa Laval C Series cold milk separators

Where to use the C Series

Common applications: butter and spread processing, milk and cream processing


Features that make the difference

What sets Alfa Laval separators apart is what’s on the inside: a broad scope of unique and patented technologies that, taken together, help dairy customers achieve improved product quality along with superior hygienic confidence. They also make it possible to drastically decrease both water and energy consumption, reducing both operational costs and environmental footprint.


Hermetic Design

Gentle acceleration, powerful efficiency

A unique air-tight bowl that enables improved product quality and drastically reduces power consumption.



Mechanical simplicity for higher efficiency and lower costs

A direct-drive system with fewer rotating parts that minimizes both maintenance and energy costs.



New levels of capacity and hygiene

A radical new disc design that decreases cleaning needs while increasing flow rate by up to 20%.



Double the output per kWh

An innovation to minimize friction, which cuts the separator´s energy consumption and CO2 footprint by up to 70%.



Outstanding solids capacity

Continuous solid discharge ensures an intact and highly concentrated stream for onward processing or as a valuable by-product. This makes it possible to increase separation capacity.

The Separator Innovator

Alfa Laval invented the first disc stack separator over a century ago. Since then, we have led the way by constantly improving and reinventing centrifuge technology. Making it safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. Visit our Separator Innovator knowledge base and discover how we continue to revolutionize separation processes across industries.

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