The Alfa Laval AlfaPure range comprises purpose-built centrifugal separator systems for removing oil, grease and solid particles from water and oil based liquids, such as coolants, lubricants and wash liquids.

AlfaPure系列高速离心机-AlfaPure series high-speed centrifuge

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Efficient cleaning of service fluids pays off

Utilizing centrifugal separation, the Alfa Laval AlfaPure range is a series of extremely efficient systems for cleaning industrial service fluids, such as coolants, wash liquids and mineral oils. Removing oil, grease or particles from these fluids makes them last much longer and reduces machine tool wear, leading, in turn, to increased uptime in your plant. It also results in cleaner, healthier working conditions in the workplace.

Longer service life for fluids

Continuous cleaning extends the life of wash liquids by up to six times, while coolants can be made to last as long as ten years, with dramatic savings in replacement costs. The costs of disposing of contaminated liquids and filters are also greatly reduced.

Extremely efficient cleaning

Centrifugal separation is the most efficient method available of cleaning service fluids. It removes water, abrasive metal fines and other particles as small as 2 μm, therefore machine tools give much longer service before wearing out. This means considerably lower tool replacement costs. Reduced tool wear also results in more precise machining and fewer rejects.

Complete system design

Alfa Laval AlfaPure systems are built around centrifugal separators. Each system is a complete plug-and-play module, including separator, feed pump, sludge pump and an easy-to-operate control panel, a PLC control system that handles all valve and pump settings automatically. Normally installed in a bypass system, the unit operates continuously without interrupting machinery operations. This also means no plant redesign is needed

Optimized to your needs

Several Alfa Laval AlfaPure systems are available to choose from, enabling to find the best available solution for different applications. Check our product range shown below and look at the technical details in the documentation section.


AlfaPure S2





  • water-based coolants
  • wash liquids
  • oil based fluids, such as cutting oil and lubricants

Flow rate max capacity (L/h):

Coolant tank volume (m³):


AlfaPure S3



  • cleaning coolants
  • wash liquids

Flow rate max capacity (l/h):

Coolant tank volume (m³):
 up to 100


AlfaPure Z7-5





  • water-based coolants
  • wash liquids

Flow rate max capacity (l/h):

Coolant tank volume (m³):


AlfaPure Z7-7




  • water-based coolants
  • wash liquids

Flow rate max capacity (l/h):

Coolant tank volume (m³):



Reducing costs by extending coolant life

You need only top off the tank with fresh coolant to compensate for evaporation and normal carry out on the end product. Under normal circumstances, you can assume that a centrifugal separator will extend your coolant’s working life by at least three to five times. And you save money not only because you need to buy less coolant, but you need to dispose of less, too.


Reduces tool wear and improves processing quality

Tramp oil on tools and the components being processed usually decreases processing precision and can also cause problems in later stages of production, such as painting. This problem simply disappears if a centrifugal separator is used. Since the coolant is kept clean, tramp oil and particles cannot adhere to surfaces. This simplifies clean-up and, more importantly, produces better quality results. 


An end to unpleasant odours and health problems

The oil that leaks out during machining is flushed away by the coolant and ends up in the tank. There it sits like a lid on the surface of the coolant, creating ideal conditions for the growth of anaerobic bacteria – bacteria that do not require oxygen. The unpleasant odour that sometimes develops in engineering workshops results from the hydrogen sulfide gas that’s formed when these bacteria have been allowed to multiply freely in the tank. This problem is eliminated by a centrifugal separator, since the tramp oil is drawn off and pumped into a collection tank. Some people develop allergies or skin problems when they come into contact with various types of oils, which means that the separator’s ability to remove tramp oil can lead to significantly improved health for machine operators.



Compare the 4 most common cleaning methods for cutting fluids

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Learn how the four most common cutting fluid cleaning methods - filters, skimmers,  coalescence and centrifugation - compare to determine the most efficient cutting fluid treatment for your application. 


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How it works

Ten thousand times faster than settling

In a centrifugal separator, the gravity that causes separation in traditional settling tanks is replaced with a centrifugal force that can be more than 10,000 times stronger. Naturally, this makes separation much faster and more efficient.

Revolutionary disc stack technology

If buffer plates are added to a settling tank, the sinking of any particles stops sooner and there is a greater surface area on to which they will fall, helping speed up the separation process. In a centrifugal separator, the same basic principle can be applied, and a corresponding increase in effectiveness achieved, by a stack of special discs.

The ingenious separation process

In the separator bowl, during the separation process, the centrifugal force presses any heavy particles present in the service fluid outwards against the walls of the separator, and will automatically be discharged from the bowl to the sludge tank. Density differences, if two liquid phases are present (such as coolant and tramp oil, or mineral oil and water) will cause the two phases to separate. The light phase and heavy phase will exit separately through different outlets of the separator.

This makes centrifugal separators an extremely effective way to remove solid particles from many different types of service fluids, as well as separating out different liquid components – all at the same time.

By pass installation

Normally installed in a bypass system, Alfa Laval AlfaPure operates continuously without interrupting machinery operations. This also means no plant redesign is needed.

AlfaPure bypass system

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