Alfa Laval P2 range of solid bowl decanter centrifuges provides the most cost-effective and high-performance solution for applications in the mining and minerals processing industries. The P2 solid bowl centrifuges are designed for slurries that are often erosive and aggressive.

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How it works

Alfa Laval’s solid bowl decanter centrifuges have been specifically developed for large scale, heavy duty solid-liquid separation tasks in the mining and mineral industry.

A Solid Bowl Centrifuge (SBC) consists of a horizontal bowl with a scroll conveyor inside it which is together referred to as the rotating assembly. The assembly spins around its own axis at high speed, thereby generating high centrifugal force that enables separation of tailings solids from the liquid. The separated solids are scrolled out by the conveyor in the form of a dry solids cake whereas the clear liquid (centrate) overflows the weir plates located at the opposite end. Watch the animation to see how it works.



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A centrifuge trial allows to you determine parameters such as the moisture in the cake, centrate clarity, determine scalable capacity and to see how this technology can work in practice for your specific facility.


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No site is too remote. Our team of experienced service engineers based at our Huntingwood/Sydney Service Centre and around Australia help you ensure that your solid bowl decanter centrifuge is performing at its best, so you can focus on the rest. Alfa Laval Australia is at your service.

Alfa Laval P2 heavy-duty solid bowl decanter centrifuges are specially designed to work effectively in corrosive, abrasive and otherwise aggressive operating environments. This makes them ideal for separation duties in industries such as mining and minerals processing.

Alfa Laval P2 solid bowl decanter centrifuges establish new benchmarks for separating aggressive industrial sludges and slurries more efficiently than ever before, at the same time as ensuring low power consumption and life cycle costs. Using P2 units makes it possible to:

  • boost revenue because the process components have greater commercial value
  • achieve increased cake dryness and thus reduce the costs of solids disposal
  • recover more of the expensive chemical additives used in separation.

All Alfa Laval P2 solid bowl decanter centrifuges are available in 2-phase and 3-phase versions, and also in ATEX-compliant configurations. Special sealed and purged versions are available for processing flammable feeds.

Australian coal mining company sees huge savings in water, energy and capital investment

At the Rix’s Creek coal mining operation, part of the Bloomfield Group, Alfa Laval's solid bowl decanter centrifuges produce a spadeable cake with 67% dry solids by mass, which is put back into the open cut for mine rehabilitation.

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