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The Alfa Laval range of P2 decanter solid bowl centrifuges provides a cost-effective, high-performance solution for solid-liquid separation of erosive and/or corrosive slurries. Highly flexible in design, they can be used in industries such as mineral processing, pulp and paper, coal tar, steel and chemicals as the wetted parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

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High recovery of product and valuable raw material in continuous operation

  • High capacity on small footprint
  • Cost-effective operation – no filter cloth, no vacuum pump
  • Low life-cycle cost compared with other technologies
  • Low labour cost due to less operator intervention

Available as 2 or 3-phase designs, our P2 decanter centrifuges can be tailored to specific requirements using options such as enhanced wear and corrosion protection and different seals materials. They can also be specially sealed and purged. The bowl and conveying speed, pond depth in the bowl and feed rate are adjustable to support optimum performance. We also cater for Zone 2 as well as Zone 1 with inert gas purging on case-to-case basis.


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A centrifuge trial allows to you determine parameters such as:

  • Moisture in the cake
  • Centrate clarity
  • Determine scalable capacity
  • Detailed assessment how this technology can work in practice for your specific facility

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Alfa Laval P2 Solid Bowl Centrifuge

Alfa Laval designed the P2 range of solid bowl centrifuges with a focus on performance, easy access, reliability and low power consumption as well as noise levels. The rotating assembly is supported on a compact welded box beam frame with main bearings at both ends. The in-line motor is flanged or foot-mounted on the decanter with brackets for belt tension adjustment. The bowl is driven at the conical end by an electric motor using a V-belt transmission. The bowl, conveyor, casing, inlet tube, outlets and other parts that come into contact with the process media are made of AISI 316 and Duplex stainless steel.

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Customer Success: Bloomfield Group Rix's Creek

The Rix’s Creek Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP), part of Australia's Bloomfield Group, set out to improve its onsite coal tailings management as part of its sustainability strategy. Tailings dewatering with Alfa Laval solid bowl centrifuges allows to reduce water and energy consumption and minimize the surface footprint of waste handling processes.

Leading the Industry in Sustainable Tailings Management

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Local support for your solid bowl decanter centrifuge

No site is too remote. Our team of experienced service engineers based at our Huntingwood/Sydney Service Centre and around Australia help you ensure that your solid bowl decanter centrifuge is performing at its best, so you can focus on the rest. Alfa Laval Australia is at your service.

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How it works


How it works

Alfa Laval solid bowl centrifuges are specifically designed to separate slurries in mining and mineral processing into a solid phase and liquid phases. Separation takes place in a horizontal cylindrical bowl equipped with a scroll conveyor. The product is led into the bowl through a stationary inlet tube and is then smoothly accelerated in a full-flow feed zone design. Centrifugal forces of up to 3,500 G make the solids accumulate on the inner surface of the bowl. Alfa Laval offers solid bowl centrifuges with very large capacity (50-60 dry tonnes per hour) specifically designed for heavy duties. 

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Technology / Innovation

Robustly designed, the rotating assembly is supported on a box beam frame with main bearings at both ends. The bowl is driven at the conical end by an electric motor using a V-belt. Wear protection using suitable material of construction is provided on the wear parts.

The bowl, conveyor, casing, inlet tube, outlets and other parts that come into contact with the process media are made of AISI 316 and Duplex stainless steel. Super Duplex stainless steel can be provided on certain sizes.

The P2 decanter centrifuge comes with an Alfa Laval plus control package as standard, pre-installed and factory-tested to make sure you get the most out of your set-up. It also helps minimize costs for installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

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Read more about how you can benefit from the solid-liquid separation of corrosive and erosive slurries with our P2 decanter solid bowl centrifuge by downloading the product leaflet.

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Supporting sustainability goals

The bowl can be equipped with special power plates or tubes that harness and exploit hydraulic energy to reduce overall power consumption. Some of the discharge velocity from the liquid leaving the unit is captured and re-directed to contribute to bowl rotation. This reduces the velocity of the discharged liquid, which in turn reduces overall power requirements. The unique Alfa Laval direct drive system automatically controls the conveying speed to ensure optimum solids dryness, irrespective of acceptable variations in the feed flow.

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From the coal face

How to manage tailings storage facilities (TSF) is an ongoing challenge for Australia’s mining and minerals industry, from a risk mitigation and cost point of view. Alfa Laval Australia Mining Engineer, Hamid Foroush, explains how solid bowl centrifuge technology has evolved over time to provide an economically and technologically superior solution to dewater tailings and recover process water.

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