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Independent brewers are looking at the challenges that come with producing at larger scale. Consistency and quality, which means consistency in recipe, being able to deal with product losses and being able to produce multiple recipes at a time. Centrifugation technology is still seen as a faster filtration alternative, however it offers multiple benefits to brewers looking to increase production and consistency while experimenting with new premium flavours and recipes.

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Speak with our brewery engineers onsite to learn about the benefits of Alfa Laval Brew centrifuges to increase yield, control aromas and minimise DO pickup during filtration, clarification and polishing.

Alfa Laval also offers a number of tailored process modules and solutions including deaerated water kits and Cleaning in Place (CIP) station, allowing independent brewers to achieve consistent quality without losing the authenticity of the craft.

About the event

Presented by the Independent Brewers Association (IBA), the Conference and Trade Expo exists to build excellence and best-practice in the Australian Beer Industry. The conference is the Australian Brewing Industry’s keystone event and is growing to be an education and trade event of international significance.

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Jindabyne Brewing takes production to new peaks with Brew 20 centrifuge

Karl Veiss, owner and head brewer of Jindabyne Brewing in Australia's Snowy Mountains, talks about the challenges for craft breweries to decide on the right equipment, and what made him start thinking about a centrifuge for his business.

Beer centrifuges

Alfa Laval beer centrifuges have a long history of enabling breweries around the world to achieve higher yields, meet shifts in demand and maintain profitability. Used in pre-clarification, green beer separation, hot wort separation and beer recovery, they ensure minimal levels of oxygen pick up during passage through the separator and the highest standards of hygiene.

Deaerated Water

The Alfa Laval Aldox Mini is an efficient water deaeration kit for craft brewing demands looking to professionalize their equipment. Achieve water dissolved oxygen (DO) levels down up to less than 0.01 ppm in less than 5 minutes to greatly reduce the risk of oxygen pick up. Cleaning-in-place is integrated into the deaerated water unit so you benefit from easy, automatic maintenance.

Alfa Laval CIP Station

Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness of brewing equipment matters more than ever. Alfa Laval CIP station is a modularised skid mounted plug-in unit for automated Cleaning-in-Place of brewery process installations such as piping systems, tanks, filling machines, heat exchangers.

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