Alfa Laval supports the compressed air industry with the latest developments for refrigerated air dryers. Taking brazed heat exchanger technology even further and integrating more values than ever before.

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Features and advantages

  • Low energy consumption due to the very low pressure drop over the heat exchanger.
  • Excellent thermal performance.
  • Two combined heat exchangers, consisting of both the air to air heat recovery and air to refrigerant.
  • Integrated connection with heat recovery that requires no additional piping.
  • Convenient connection locations.
  • All refrigerant connections  are on one side, air and water drain on the opposite side.
  • Stainless steel for reliability and long life.
  • Compact: The corrugated compressed plates significantly reduce the total air dryer size.

New heat exchanger webshop

Alfa Laval is proud to introduce online shopping for brazed plate heat exchangers in Australia. Size and buy the right product for your cooling and heating applications online. Free express shipping. Live chat with Alfa Laval engineers.


How it works

The heating surface consists of thin corrugated stainless steel plates that are compressed together to form a plate pack. Channels are formed between the plates and the ports are arranged so the media flows through alternate channels in full counter current flow. Media is directed by a brazed seal enhanced with contact points to contain the media flow pressure. Convenient location of air in- and outlet on the same side. Water is separated at the coldest point and then exits through a drain.

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Expertise for any application

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