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In-depth knowledge that sets new standards

At Alfa Laval, we never stop demanding new standards. We continuously work to improve both the capabilities of our products and the support we can offer to help you set a new standard in your business.


Alfa Laval’s Materials Technology & Chemistry Lab and Test Centre

Our Materials Technology & Chemistry (MT&C) Lab and Test Centre are the homes to experts who possess industry-leading competence in materials science. From metals and polymers to in-depth chemical analyses, they offer unique services to help you resolve challenges and optimize your processes. And the knowledge they develop along the way is continuously reinvested to push our next-generation technology even further.

Alfa Laval Materials Technology & Chemistry Lab

Our materials specialists come from diverse backgrounds and are highly sought after in their fields. Get an introduction to Alfa Laval’s MT&C Lab and Test Centre, and learn more about how we work.


Metal fractography

The technicians in our lab can learn quite a bit by studying cracks in plate surfaces. Meet fractography expert Patrik, and learn more about how he uses this science to help customers resolve challenging operation issues.


Polymers and gaskets

With a large portfolio of gasket materials, we can always provide the ideal choice to match a customer’s processes. Hear from polymer expert Rasmus about our extensive testing procedures that ensure the most reliable gaskets.


Chemicals and fouling

There are many different types of fouling that can occur on a plate surface, and each can pose unique challenges. Chemistry expert Olga works closely with customers to resolve these issues and develop tailor-made cleaning protocols. 


Unique expertise to ensure dependable sustainability over time

Chemistry experts in our materials lab really know about fouling – why it occurs, what it exists of, how and when to clean, what cleaning protocol to use and how to avoid risks already in the design phase. Listen to Olga that gives advice to our data center customers.


Lab and Test Centre services

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Alfa Laval’s Materials Technology & Chemistry Lab and Test Centre.