Compabloc Free Flow

Patient safety and cGMP

Compabloc Free Flow is designed for patient safety and fully meets the requirements for installation in stringent cGMP processes. Compabloc Free Flow offers state-of-the-art hygienic design and is fully cleanable, minimizing risk of contamination.

Cleaning and inspection
Efficient cleaning of the reactor condenser is vital for patient safety. A poorly cleaned condenser increases risk of cross-contamination between batches. For a multi-purpose reactor this can be disastrous if different medicines mix. It can also be a serious problem for a single-purpose reactor since it reduces traceability.

Cleaning a Compabloc Free Flow is quick and easy. It is fully drainable and the risk of cross-contamination is minimal thanks to the absence of crevices, dead spots and contact points on the product side.

Inspections are performed easily by simply opening the panels, giving you full access to all product-wetted surfaces.


The perfect replacement for graphite blocks
Graphite blocks are widely used as condensers in API manufacturing processes thanks to their ability to withstand aggressive media.

But as many pharmaceutical companies have experienced, graphite blocks have a major disadvantage. They release carbon particles into the product stream, so-called carbon black contamination.

Compabloc Free Flow is available in highly corrosion-resistant materials, making it the perfect replacement for graphite block condensers. The compact size of this easy-to-install unit means it fits any existing space.