Compabloc Free Flow

Product range

Compabloc Free Flow is available in two different versions:

  • Single-pass condenser
  • Two-pass condenser

Single-pass condenserSingle-pass condenser

This version is suitable when the vapour contains small amounts of inert gases. Vapour enters through the big inlet on the top panel and condenses on the plates. The condensate exits through the sloped, drainable bottom panel.

Two pass condenserTwo-pass condenser

The two-pass version can be used when the vapour contains a larger portion of inert gases. Main condensation takes place in the first pass where the condensable part of the vapour condenses on the plates before exiting through the sloped, drainable bottom panel.

The non-condensable vapours go through the second pass where they are sub-cooled to maximize condensation. Turbulence in the second pass helps to eliminate mist, and vacuum is easily drawn from the outlet of the second pass. With a two-pass condenser there is no need for an additional vapour separator, since separation takes place in the unit