Quality wins - again

A few years back, the Bao Shan Iron and Steel Co. experi-mented with the spiral products of a local manufacturer witha lower price than that of the Alfa Laval spirals Bao Shan had been using. But Bao Shan soon found out that what they gained on purchase price, Alfa Laval more than made up for in long- lasting quality, experience and support.

DATE 2017-07-13

When leaders come together
It’s important for Bao Steel to maintain excellence in all their processes in order to produce high-grade quality products and maintain their position as a leading steel manufacturer. 

With 50 years’ experience, Alfa Laval is helping them meet their goals. Based on their experience with Alfa Laval’s products and service engineers, Bao Steel’s equipment director says that they feel confident they’re on the right track. 


The all-round heat transfer solution. Exceptional compactness and self-cleaning design make Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers extremely versatile. Ideal for everything from dirty fluids to high vacuum condensation.

Spiral heat exchanger


  • 4-5 times longer product lifetime
  • Less maintenance
  • Practical and cost-efficient

Customer's voice

Working with a company with such a broad range of on-site experience and innovative character, we feel inspired by their pioneering, and it makes us confident that we can continue to lead the way in our area of operation.

Bao Shan's equipment director