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A mid-sized styrene butadiene rubber producer in Asia installed two Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers and one Compabloc to recover waste heat from a stripping column. The heat is now reused in the plant and annual energy costs are estimated to be about 660,000 euros lower as a result.

DATE 2017-07-13

Recovering waste heat is a simple and straightforward way of cutting energy expenses. Using compact heat exchangers with high thermal efficiency allows you to recover heat from streams that have been deemed worthless before.

High thermal efficiency, a temperature approach as small as 2°C (3.6°F), and the ability to operate with crossing temperatures in a single unit means Alfa Laval compact heat exchangers deliver maximum heat recovery on minimum floor space.


The Compabloc welded heat exchanger is probably the most compact and efficient heavy-duty heat exchanger in the world.

Alfa Laval Compabloc 


The spiral heat exchanger is an extremely compact assembly where two long strips of plate are wound around a centre to form a spiral body containing two concentric channels.

Spiral heat exchanger 


  • Perfect for heat recovery duties
  • Superior performance  
  • Low pressure drop
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Designed and built for rough conditions