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Separation expertise for next-generation food

The world’s growing population deserves nutritious and tasty food with a more sustainable footprint. The food landscape is changing, through groundbreaking research and cutting-edge technology. Alfa Laval provides unmatched separation expertise for this transformation: bringing scalability, profitability, and resource efficiency to next-generation food processes like cellular agriculture.

Your expert separation partner in the food revolution

For decades, we have innovated and improved separation methods for fermented food and biotech products. We know how to get the most out of every culture, no matter how delicate. With Alfa Laval as your partner, you get the guidance and expertise to create and run cost-efficient processes for cellular agriculture. We help you from pilot testing to large scale production of tomorrow’s tasty, nutritious, and sustainable foods.

A century of cell harvesting experience

Starting with yeast harvesting in the late 19th century, Alfa Laval has developed ever-more advanced cell culture separation solutions. Today, we are at the leading edge of separation in biotech and cellular agriculture.

A reliable partner in cellular agriculture

Alfa Laval provides efficient separation of the most difficult cell cultures – together with the expertise and technology for safe and smooth scale-up.

What sets Alfa Laval apart

Hermetic Design and Bactofuge are two technologies ideal for cellular agriculture. You only find them in Alfa Laval separators.

Solving your challenges across borders

Alfa Laval can draw on a global footprint and skilled local teams to ensure that your separation solution is thoroughly tested and validated before you invest in it.

Meeting your development and production goals

Alfa Laval provides high-efficiency cell culture separators for test labs, pilots, and large-scale production facilities. As volumes increase, you can rest assured that separation performance stays the same.

Learn more about Alfa Laval in next generation food

Check out what Alfa Laval can offer within protein processing, including next generation food processes, such as plant-based protein, insect protein and cellular agriculture.

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Ready to launch?

Are you established in fermented food or biopharma and looking to bring your expertise to the next-generation food market? Move swiftly with the quality assurance of Alfa Laval separators, our know-how, and skilled service. Together, we can speed up your product’s way to market.

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Exceptional biomass separation with Bactofuge and Hermetic Design

After testing several separation technologies, BASF found that only Bactofuge, with its high separation area and high g-forces, could meet their challenging demands.

Test, validate, and scale up your next separation solution

Whether upgrading your production line or running a proof of concept, Alfa Laval helps you choose the right separator solution with confidence. Simply get in touch to arrange a consultation and trial at one of our test centres, or to rent a unit for onsite testing.

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Testing separation solutions

Alfa Laval separators for cellular agriculture

We provide high-efficiency separation solutions for a wide range of next-generation food processes such as biomass- or precision fermentation and cell-cultured meat. You can rely on Alfa Laval for profitable harvesting and purification at every scale, with the lowest OPEX and environmental footprint possible. Together, we ensure that your solution is the perfect fit for your process.

Alfa Laval PureFerm separators feature our unique Bactofuge technology for continuous solids discharge, as well as Hermetic Design, with eMotion as an option. This makes them ideal for harvesting highly concentrated cell cultures, while consuming less energy than other separators on the market.

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Alfa Laval: the Separator Innovator

The next-generation technology found only in Alfa Laval separators embodies 130+ years of innovation. Each of our unique solutions is finely crafted to help maximize efficiency and sustainability in your separation process.

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Service committed to your success

Uptime, performance, and low maintenance costs are crucial for successful food and beverage production. With Alfa Laval as a service partner, you have the support needed to ensure that your equipment is always operating at its full potential, with minimal downtime.

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