International Brewing and Distilling Convention

Alfa Laval's proven craft brewing and beverage equipment and systems are designed and manufactured for craft brewers and distillers to improve yield, quality and range.


The Institute of Brewing and Distilling’s Asia Pacific Section postponed the 36th Biennial Convention to ensure the safety of its delegates and sponsors due to rapidly escalating concerns relating to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


Featured product

Brew 80

Multi-purpose centrifuge for craft brewers

Brew 80

  • Up to 50 hl/h
  • Low oxygen pick-up – axial hermetic outlet
  • Basic and easy to operate
  • Plug & Play skid

Download the Brew 80 product leaflet

Brew 80 Product leaflet.pdf 2019-09-26 1003 kB

Meet the expert

About Fernando Jimenez

Global Business Manager, Brewery & Beverages, Alfa Laval

As Global Business Manager for Breweries, Fernando focuses on centrifuge applications within the fast-growing craft brewery industry. He also works with major global brewery customers on improving their performance and optimising their processes. A mechanical engineer by trade, he joined Alfa Laval in 1997 and was involved in the development of Alfa Laval’s patented and innovative bottom fed, Fully Hermetic Separators.  He also held roles as product engineer, startup/test engineer, and positions in global sales and global technology. Fernando is currently based in the United States, and will attend the IBD Asia Pacific Convention to share his knowledge and insight with craft brewers in the region.



Read the interview

How a centrifuge helps craft brewers meet demand for premium beers

Craft brewers in Australia and New Zealand are keeping up with consumers demand for exciting new flavours and premium beer styles. Read the interview with Alfa Laval's Global Business Manager for Breweries, Fernando Jimenez, to understand how a centrifuge helps brewers differentiate their beer styles and grow production. Read more.


Alfa Laval proudly supports craft brewers

Alfa Laval was co-founded by Swedish scientist, engineer, and inventor Gustaf de Laval in 1883. De Laval was a technical genius who invented the first centrifugal separator and the impulse steam engine. From these crafty beginnings 130 years ago, Alfa Laval has evolved into the global market leader in a number of key technologies including heat transfer, fluid handling and separation. We have been operating in Australia for more than 90 years and offer unrivalled support and service with a large team of experienced service engineers on the ground.


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