Sugar refining

Alfa Laval provides advanced solutions for heating sugar liquids, heating and cooling syrups, molasses and other liquids with high viscosity, dewatering sugar mud from the bottom of the sugar clarifier, evaporation and condensation solutions.

Sugar refining

Sugar liquids

Standard Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers can be used to heat all types of sugar liquids. For liquids containing residues of fibres from the raw sugar, WideGap plate heat exchangers are a particularly efficient solution.

Syrups, molasses and other high-viscosity fluids

Standard Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers can also provide efficient heating and cooling of high viscosity liquids. We also supply rotary lobe pumps that are robust and durable even when handling abrasive media containing crystals.


For sugar refineries, Alfa Laval can supply anything from a single AlfaVap unit, as a stand-alone effect, to a complete, fully engineered evaporation system. In an AlfaVap evaporator, the sugar juice has a significantly lower residence time, which reduces the colour formation and gives higher product quality.


Ideal as a vacuum condenser, the AlfaCond plate condenser keeps the condensate separated from the cooling media. For a sugar refinery, this is of particular benefit, because the condensate can be brought back to the front end of the refinery without subcooling. In addition, the cooling water will be kept clean from sugar residues, which minimizes the need for cooling water treatment.

Sugar scum

Decanter centrifuges are used to dewater sugar scum from the raw sugar clarifier, reducing sugar loss, saving water and reducing disposal problems.

Sugar FAQ

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