Land based desalination

Demand for fresh water is constantly on the rise around the world due to population growth and greater residential per capita water use. So clean water for human consumption plays an increasingly important role in the infrastructure of society, commerce and industry. Alfa Laval equipment minimizes the environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste derived from water production.

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Smart desalination solutions from Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval desalination solutions use energy from waste process heat and other sources to generate huge volumes of high-purity fresh water, economically, reliably and sustainably.

On land or at sea

An excellent choice for land-based plants, our desalination solutions are also suitable for use on ships and offshore production platforms as well as solar power and geothermal installations.

Unmatched expertise

As experts in heat transfer technologies, Alfa Laval pioneered and developed the highly successful desalination concept based on proven plate heat exchanger technology that has been in use for more than 130 years around the world.

Broad range of automated desalination solutions

All Alfa Laval desalination systems are PLC-controlled thereby providing fully automatic operation. Our solutions include:


  • 100% performance recovery after cleaning
  • Lowest scaling with controlled thin falling film
  • No corrosion with titanium plate evaporators
  • Lowest total water production cost
  • Low footprint in size, weight and CO2

Process overview - desalination principle with solar thermal energy