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Join us at ERTC & GPS 2018

How to optimize process design with unconventional solutions

The European Refinery Technology Conference and the Global Petrochemical Summit is coming up in Cannes and we will of course be there!


Alfa Laval Refinery Industry Manager, Eva Andersson, will give a presentation on how to optimize process design with unconventional solutions. Some of the points that will be addressed:

  • Maximize energy efficiency and reduce cost in utility equipment (furnaces, boilers, reboilers, trim coolers and air coolers). 
  • Reduce the heat exchanger pressure drop and thereby the pump size/head and pressure rating of downstream equipment or the column height/skirt for thermosiphon reboilers.
  • Maximize cooling/condensing of light vapours and thereby the size of the downstream compressor and possibly eliminate the need for chillers.
  • Optimizing the cooling water return temperature to minimize cooling water needs and cost in cooling water systems.
  • Generate superheated steam directly from hot run-downs and pump-arounds.


The presentation will take place in the Energy Efficiency & Environmental stream at 15.30 on November 29.


We look forward to meeting you at our exhibition stand #29 to discuss any on-going or new opportunities to support your refinery business!

When: November 27-29, 2018

Where: Hotel Martinez Cannes by Hyatt, France