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Alfa Laval is revolutionising the treatment and disposal of coal tailings, in response to the industry’s increasing urgency to find an environmentally responsible, energy efficient alternative to tailings ponds. Taking our proven expertise for developing decanter centrifuges that work in the toughest of mining conditions, coal tailings are separated into spadeable cake and recyclable water, via Alfa Laval’s solid bowl dewatering technology.

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Coal preparation

Alfa Laval is revolutionising the treatment and disposal of coal tailings. This is being led by a strong Australian demand to look after the environment: to conserve water and make tailings dams a thing of the past.

Taking our proven expertise for creating decanters that work in the toughest of mining conditions, coal tailings are moved through Alfa Laval's next generation of decanters via solid bowl dewatering. This process extracts and retains the water within the system, while producing a solid cake that is then used to help with mine rehabilitation.

Main advantages of Alfa Laval’s solution for coal washeries include excellent separation, minimal operator monitoring, significantly lower capital costs, lower maintenance and operational costs than other technologies to produce a comparable result.

Read how Alfa Laval’s decanters how proven their ability to deliver at Rix’s Creek coal washery in Singleton, New South Wales here.


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